system analysis and design concepts 3

The Company Chosen for this report is Oman Oil Company / The chosen system is Human Resource Management system.

Assume that the report is being prepared for management. This means that you need to be clear and concise about your recommendations and that you should present the basic ideas and recommendations in the report simply and with no extraneous information. Other relevant information and supporting evidence is to appear in appendices.

Your write-up should include information on the following items:

1. An introduction describing the organization, the problem you identified and the process you followed during your study.

Choose how small or large a problem you will tackle during your feasibility study.

You can also collect information from organization having similar types of system.

These may include your contacts, others with responsibilities related to the feasibility study.

2. Identify the features of the proposed system, list the features which makes your system sellable and usable for any organization.

3. Discuss the basic alternatives you considered and the criteria you used to evaluate them.

An alternative system can be a readymade system already being used by some other organization.

Define the criteria you will use to compare and choose between your proposed system and the alternative system.

Your criteria should include cost/benefit analysis, where applicable.

Conduct an evaluation of the both the systems and choose the one that looks most promising.

Conduct an assessment of unusual circumstances or special attention items. This may involve special requirements for particular employees or customers of the organization.

4. Explain different Input/output designs of the system and the processes involved in them.

Study relevant documents. This may involve documentation on similar systems and new objectives/needs.

understanding the functional and non-functional requirements of the proposed system.

Provide Context Diagrams / DFDs level 0 & level 1.

5. A recommendation to proceed or not to proceed with an information system development project, with supporting arguments.

6. A conclusion section that summarizes the contents of your report and reiterates your recommendation.

7. One or more appendices which describe in more detail

(i) the organization for which the study was conducted,

(ii) the process used to gather information (interviews, review of written material, etc.),

(iii) the names and phone numbers of people you talked to, details of any analyses you conducted, and the like.

Make sure the following is included:

– Problem identification

– Alternatives and criteria

– Supporting evidence

– System Prototype

– Context Diagram and DFDs

Context Diagram, Level 0 DFD, Level 1 DFD

– Referencing

** In-text Citation and References Using CU Harvard Style.

** A previous report will be attached, Kindly follow the criteria.

** word Count = as long as it satisfies the requirements.

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