strategic analysis 6

OL 325 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric

The development of a strategic analysis guides all decisions made regarding your compensation systems throughout the project. The strategic analysis reveals

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firm-specific challenges, objectives, and initiatives that allow you to align the goals of a compensation system effectively with those of the company strategy.

The strategic analysis allows you to better understand the external market challenges e-sonic faces in addition to its internal capabilities. As a consultant, a thorough understanding of e-sonic’s business environment allows you to better align your competitive system design with e-sonic’s goals, challenges, andobjectives. Follow the outline below when completing this portion of the project.

Strategic Analysis Outline:

  1. Executive Summary (Concisely conveys the project objectives and main findings. The executive summary is completed last, but included first in the strategic analysis.)
  2. Strategic Analysis
    1. a) Identification of e-sonic’s industry based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
    2. b) Analysis of e-sonic’s external market environment
      1. Industry Profile
      2. Competition
      3. Foreign Demand
      4. Long-Term Industry Prospects
      5. Labor-Market Assessment
    3. c) Analysis of Internal Capabilities
      1. Functional Capabilities
      2. Human Resource Capabilities
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