sports facilities 2

1. What is the most important part of the maintenance and repair program for an athletic facility?

2. Do you believe that the law as it applies to sports facilities is fair, and what does fairness mean?

Please answer and/or complete the following questions and projects

1. What green initiatives do you use on a regular basis and which initiatives could be used at a

sports stadium?

2. Go to the website for Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and describe some of the green

initiatives that they utilize.

3. How would you go about selling tickets to a less popular event at your facility?

4. Develop a marketing plan to help generate at least five sellouts at your sports facility. Please be

as specific as possible.

5. You are the customer service manager for a sports facility and you want to make sure that your

patrons are pleased with their experiences in your venue. Develop a sample customer

satisfaction survey that you can administer to spectators during home events at your facility.

Please research sports venues on-line to see what type of questions you could include in the

survey. Please remember to cite all references.

Please answer and/or complete the following questions and projects.

1. What is negligence and how can it affect a sport facility?

2. What should be the primary financial concerns for a large stadium vs. a small fitness facility?

3. What tailgating policies would you adopt for a college football facility to minimize alcohol

related concerns?

4. Identify three points of emphasis that you were able to obtain from reading each of the two

articles in Module 5. Identify three points from each article. (ARTICLES ATTACHED BELOW)

5. Develop a valid contract for renting a sport facility of your choice.

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