socialization message analysis

Identify a message you have received from one or more of your institutions of socialization (family, media, school, religion, peers), about a culturally subordinate group in the United States to which you do not belong (i.e. “Women are not as good at sports as men,” or “Pacific Islanders are friendly.”) Analyze the origins and effects of this message.

  • Origin Analysis (Prompt: What institutions of socialization promoted or contradicted this message?
  • Support Analysis ( Prompt: What support or evidence do you have to promote or contradict this message?)
  • Effect Analysis (Prompts: How might being socialized with this message affect your interactions on a personal level? Do you currently socialize others with this message or do you socialize others with a contradictory messages? Why? How do you hope that socializing others with this message will affect your relationships or community?)
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