smart robots

I need a very short paper on the instructions attached. In addition to the initial post, I need two peer response posts. There is no word count specified. Initial Post Instructions:

Robots are more prevalent today than they were just a few years ago, tackling tasks that range in importance from cleaning floors to teaching students to diagnosing illnesses. With this progress comes possible job loss for janitorial personnel, educators, doctors, and others. Discuss some areas where you find this technology helpful as well as areas you feel more confident in human decision making. List some pros and cons of robotic technology and provide real life examples. For instance, many people would relish the thought of owning a robotic sweeper but would cringe if their children were being taught by a robot sporting a face and using personalized conversation.

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Reply to 2 Peer Post Instructions:

Your original post is worth 15 points. Responding to two of your peers’ posts will gain you another 5 points for each post for a total of 25 points.

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