Part A – Select a real life Canadian criminal event. This may include any type of criminal event- violent, property, or victimless crime in the media (See List A for suggestions of Criminal Events). Examine the following:

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Explain the elements of the criminal event- the Precursor, Transaction, Aftermath

Outline the Situational and Locational Factors

Identify the Roles of Victims, Offenders, By-Standers

Part B – Choose two criminological theories (See List B for suggestions) discussed in class and/or text.

Describe how each theory explains crime/criminal offending. You should include a summary of the causes/roots of criminal offending generally and may also refer to research studies which support this theory.

Describe how each of the two theories would explain this specific criminal event.

Identify how each theory would respond/intervene to reduce the criminal event.

Part C – Provide and justify your opinion, as to which theory you feel best explains this type of criminal event.

LIST A – TYPES OF CRIMINAL EVENTS- YOU MUST SELECT A REAL CANADIAN CRIMINAL EVENT IN THE MEDIA-The criminal event may be local, out of province, recent, historical or even famous.

Violent Crime



Spousal Homicide

Infanticide – killing a child

Sexual Assault-

Date Rape

Stranger Rape


Criminal Harassment (Stalking)

Property Crime


Break and Enter

Auto Theft


White Collar Crime

Crimes Against the Environment

Crimes Against Human Rights


War Crimes

Drug Trafficking

“Victimless” Crime

Prostitution (or Solicitation)

Hard/Soft Drug Use


Sociological Theories of Crime

I. Structural – Composition/Conditions of Society

Anomie Theory

Status Deprivation

Strain Theory

Merton’s Strain and Delinquency

General Strain Theory

Institutional Anomie Theory

II. Interpersonal – Personal Interactions

Differential Association

Life Course Perspective

Social Learning Theory

Biological Theories of Crime


Twin Studies/ Adoption Studies


Brain Damage

Psychological Theories of Crime



Classical Theories of Crime

Rational Choice Theories

General/Situational Deterrence

Lifestyle Exposure Theory

Routine Activities Theory

Social Control/Bond Theories of Crime

Social Control- Theory of the Bond

Conflict Theory

Cultural Conflict

Feminist Theory


APA format required

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