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PDSA Cycles (Plan, Do, Study, Act) are also known as small, rapid tests of change. QI projects will have many PDSA cycles completed over the course of the project. This is a format where you look at small stages of your overall project not the entire project (HINT: your description will not be the description for your entire project). It’s an opportunity to examine more of the details – what a current issue/challenge/unknown might be that needs further exploration, identify who your stakeholders are, etc. When completing the PDSA assignment form, be sure to also put your AIM statement on it to link your PDSA to the ultimate project goal. A PDSA is not designed to be reflective of your entire project, but a step on the ladder where you get to test out how you are progressing toward your ultimate AIM, and whether or not you need to make some adjustments along the way. Rapid, small (contained and achievable actions in short term) tests (what are you going to study in this stage and how) of change (what actions taken in this cycle). Be sure to watch the video linked in the week 4 introduction, and complete the assigned IHI coursework. There are many examples of the PDSA process on the IHI website. You may find as you go through the PDSA cycle and talk to stakeholders, that you choose to adjust your AIM statement and goal. Please adjust as needed. If you do make changes (whether based on changed goal or feedback on previous assignment, identify the revision on the PDSA form. (HINT: if you are making a goal revision, you are likely doing so as a result of a small rapid test of change you just may or may not have structured it formally in the format of a PDSA- that would be a great example to use on this assignment).

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