Summary of assignment

Task: Expand and revise your personal narrative from Week 1 of the course, taking into consideration your instructor’s feedback as well as your learning and experiences in WRTG 101.

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Length: 1000-1500 words

Sources: No minimum number of sources. If you decide to use sources to support your essay, cite them in APA format.

Outcomes you should achieve by completing this assignment

• Organize information clearly in narration of an event or description a person (Course outcomes 1 and 2)

• Use an introduction paragraph with a thesis statement and a concluding paragraph to frame an essay (Course outcomes 1 and 2)

• Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing (Course outcome 3)

• Revise your writing in response to feedback, reflection, and synthesis of various experiences (Course outcome 1)

What to do

You will both expand and revise the personal narrative that was due in Week 1 of the course.

Expand In the first version of your personal narrative, you discussed a person or event that affected your outlook on learning or writing. In WRTG 101, you have been learning about writing. Consider how the experiences of these past weeks relate to the ideas in your personal narrative. Have they reinforced the ideas you wrote about? Have they changed those ideas? Incorporate these additional reflections into your essay.

Revise For this version of the essay, you will also be making revisions based on the feedback your professor provided on the first version, and on what you have learned during the course. Consider all you have learned, and make sure you are effectively incorporating the following:

• an introductory paragraph that is written to gain readers’ attention and includes a thesis statement

• body paragraphs that support the thesis statement with good use of evidence (personal experience and/or sources)

• coherence within and between paragraphs

• a concluding paragraph that answers the question “So what?” or directs readers toward significant ideas to ponder

• effective integration and documentation of any sources used

• grammatical choices that meet expectations for a college essay and contribute to the essay’s readability Point of view First person (I/me/my) is appropriate in this essay, but second person (you/your) should be avoided.

Formatting your assignment Incorporate these elements of APA style:

• Use one-inch margins.

• Double space.

• Use an easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point.

• Include a title page with the title of your paper, your name, and the name of your school.

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