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Response to below DQ 150 words apa format with 1 scholarly reference with citation less than 5 years old

Del Valle posted Aug 4, 2018 9:32 PM

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Helping and Healing Relationships- Discussion 9

Many believe that nursing is easy. The human body is an amazing thing, it is constantly changing, cells in motion. One of the main things for anyone in healthcare is the capability of not just learning how the human body works and how to treat it when is not working right but also to handle that body as an individual person. The human body consist also of someone with a personality unique to each that at times comes with fears and doubts, with questions, with tears and pain, and as a healthcare providers it is your responsibility to treat the body as a whole.

Relationships with my patients

Therapeutic communication is something that nurses learn in school, with the main goal of provide holistic and quality care (Abdolrahimi, Ghiyasvandian, Zakerimoghadam, & Ebadi, 2017). With experience this type of communication becomes very familiar. Listening to patient’s needs, their stories about their families, what they like or don’t like builds a trust rapport in where they feel secure in your care. I have personally enjoyed asking patients a little about themselves, their family or their personal habits of entertainment. At times with something that you can relate, makes you approachable and this is something that I plan to continue practicing. With patient and time management I will commit in giving patients education on their health care individual needs by also making sure that I know the most up to date information will also help me in delivering good care and maintain trust in the healthcare patient-provider relationship (Dunphy, Winland-Brown, Porter, & Thomas, 2015).

Professional Partnerships

In healthcare it is imperative to cultivate good partnerships with all healthcare disciplines. As technology keeps advancing and more developments in medical applications, treatment, medications and guidelines keep growing it is impossible for one practitioner to be able to know or maintain knowledge to every detail, therefore there is a need to maintain inter-professional team based health care collaborations (Babiker et al., 2014). Courtesy and respect for those in their field is something that goes a long way. For those that specialized in a particular field, their time and knowledge they can provide to a patient’s health needs should not be taken for granted. Professional courtesy should always be present to maintain good effective communication.

Personal behaviors, Biases, Attitudes

There is a saying that states “be nice to everyone because you do not know when in life you will cross paths again and needs from them”. This is most true and applicable when it comes to partnerships with health care teams. Something that I am guilty of is not wanting to waste people’s time and therefore trying to do too many things by myself. I have worked in this behavior for years and improvement has come slow but proactively. Collaboration with others is a necessity to apply quality care to patients. With good manner, being respectful and thankful to those that participate in the healthcare teams excellent long lasting partnerships are forged and maintained. Making the commitment to deliver good information in healthcare with recommendations and education is a continuous process in which I plan to perform with a positive, professional and respectful approach.


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