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U.S. involvement in the War in Afghanistan was morally justified in accordance with the jus ad bellum conditions as created by Aquinas and other philosophers. However, there is one pre-war condition that may or may not have been met, which creates concern about whether or not the war really was morally justified. In regards to the first condition, the war was indeed declared by those with legitimate authority. The war also had a just cause. The terrorist group al-Quida had issued an attack on the nation, and the U.S. can be considered to have been defending itself. The third condition is where morality may vary. This condition demands that those fighting must fight with right intentions; however, there was obviously intense hatred by both sides. This hatred may have been shown in the American people’s desire for revenge, killing as many al-Quida soldiers as possible. It is in this area that the morality of the war grows shaky. In regards to the following 4 conditions, the war satisfies these as well. The just war theory lays out what seems to be a morally acceptable guide to foreign policy; however, this theory also seems to imply that there are perfect conditions for war. Based on history, no conditions have ever really met those stated in the just war theory. Although critics say that the conditional pacifist view is contradictory, it really seems like the best way to promote peace throughout the world. No matter the conditions, war generates feelings of hatred and a competitive mindset. War also includes the killing of people, which is traditionally accepted as morally wrong. The conditioned pacifist view also allows for a war whose means are justified by its ends. In this way, events like the Jewish genocide can be handled.

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