research the history of accounting write a short essay on the ideas you found interesting

Research the history of accounting. Write a short essay on the ideas you found interesting.

Include a Biblical reference(s) into your response. Remember that this does not simply mean list a Bible verse in addition to your response.

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Your initial post must be between 200-400 words (due Thursday), Post the word count in the upper left corner of all discussion and participation postings.

  1. One scripture reference with application to your post is required for the initial post.
  2. Provide a supported response in your own words* to the discussion topic/question given for your initial post. *Any substantial copying and pasting from any source without quotations marks and referencing will result in severe grade penalties on the total grade. Quoting a source is, of course, acceptable. However, paraphrasing is preferable.
  3. The word count has to be within the stated parameters for each post. For the initial post the word count needs to be 200 to 400 words (not 199 or 401). The reference section at the bottom of your post does not count in the word count.
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