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Iranian Revolution

This is a revolution that aroused in Iran at around 1979, and as a result, the Islamic republic was formed. The events involved in this revolution were about overthrowing the Pahlavi dynasty, which was in support of the United States, which then followed by the replacement of the Persian monarchy. The main goal of this revolution was to make a replacement of the regime of Shah’s. The Iranian revolution is speculated to have resulted from the intent of establishing a Republic that executed different groups. After this revolution, the rupture of relations occurred between Iran and the United States this is still until today. However, some of the people who took part in this revolution considered it were a very important revolution for some. The Iranian revolution is a very vital event in the historian aspect, and therefore it will be an essential topic in the research of this paper.

In writing this paper, the main focus will be on the background of the revolution in Iran, the main factors that contributed towards the revolution, how it started. The paper will also find out who was the leader of Iran at the time the revolution was taking place. In the course of writing this research, some of the aspects that the research will aim at uncovering are, after the revolution who won the revolution and who lost as well as how did the person who won benefits as well how did the one who lost suffer. The research will also aim at uncovering who was fighting during the revolution and was under the influence as well as the help of who and why. What are views and the suggestions of how the people gauged the Iranian revolution is the other aspect that the research will attempt to cover? Having the sense that after the revolution, Iran and the United States broke their relationship, what was the fact that resulted to this and what are the some of the reasons that have made this parting or relationship extend up to date.

The research concerning the Iranian revolution will be retrieved from both the primary as well as the secondary sources. On the aspect of the primary source, the sources that I anticipate to use is the magazines, newspapers, letters as well as the videos that were recorded during the time the revolution was taking place. Various historians, as well as scholars, have reviewed and written various events, causes and information concerning Iranian revolution. Most of the information concerning the Iranian revolution will be obtained from the secondary sources, which entail journals by different scholars as well as books. Often according to preliminary research done concerning this research is that most of the scholars, as well as a historian, have been reviewing these events that took place during the Iranian revolution. The secondary sources have analyzed this revolution in different aspects of the effects of this revolution, how the United States was involved in this revolution as well as other aspects that the research focuses on uncovering.

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