You have designed a graphic user interface (GUI), which now needs to be black-box tested.

  • Post the following:
    • Describe a GUI you designed so that others can use it; do not allow them access to the programming (black-box testing).
    • Identify the functional software requirements for your GUI.
  • Perform functional tests on at least 2 other designer’s GUIs to do the following:
    • Determine if the program operation matches the functional requirements.
    • Implement 2–3 of the following tests:
      • Test data should be representative of the real data sets.
      • Upper and lower limits (boundary analysis) for data ranges should be tested. These boundary tests should examine the boundary values and also values on either side of the boundaries.
      • Numeric data input should include zero and negative number tests.
      • Dates, currency, and other locale-specific inputs and outputs should be tested.
      • Provisions should be made to allow the tester to enter inputs based on experience and situations of normal program use.
      • Stress testing should be performed.
      • Crash testing should be included to determine what situations can cause execution errors in the program.
  • Provide at least 2 paragraphs of feedback for each program including the following:
    • Does it meet each of the software requirements?
    • Results of all functional testing
    • Any issues you found with the following:
      • graphic user interface itself
      • performance ability
      • capacity
  • Respond to at least 2 comments on your own GUI regarding either things you learned about your program or things you plan to fix or implement in the next version of it.
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