religion worksheet 2

Worksheet Fourteen:

(Remember, if you are having trouble with any of these concepts post your questions/confusions on the Discussion Board under the “Question” Thread. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it.

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The lines below are the minimum required in your answer to each question. If you want to write more, just keep writing, you don’t have to create your own lines. Please use comparable sized font to what you see here.

Read: “The Good News”

1. What is the Good News? Hint: It is not his teachings. (3)

2. What two qualities seemed to abound in the life of the early Christians? (2)



3. What were the “three intolerable burdens” that were lifted from the Christians? Describe each briefly: (3)




4. Summarize the portion of I Corinthians that Smith quotes. (3)

Read “The Mystical Body of Christ”

1. What does Jesus’ metaphor, “I am the vine: you are the branches” mean? (3)

2. Explain the concept of the Church being the mystical body of Christ. (3)

2. Explain the different Christian interpretations over whether there is salvation apart from the Church. What is meant by the Visible and the Invisible Church? (4)

Read “The Mind of the Church”

1. What is the relation between Christian experience, symbols and doctrines? How do they all fit together? (3)

2. What does it mean to say Jesus is both God and Man? Why is this a burden in the Apostle’s Creed? (3)

3. When was the Council of Nicea and what did it decide? (3)

4. What does it mean to say Jesus is the perfect model to follow? (2)

5. Explain the doctrine of atonement. (2)

6. Smith uses several analogies when discussing the trinity. Which one is most meaningful to you and why? (5)

7. After reading this section, what struck you the most? What is most difficult for you about Christian experience and belief? (5)

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