reflection paper psy104


Reflection Paper Guidelines

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Format: Paper

a. Report must have a cover page in present and correct APA format.

b. Running head: present and correct APA format.

c. The font must be done in Times New Roman or Courier, double spaced,

“12” point print setting, using APA style.

d. Use standard one inch margins and paragraphs.

e. Length of report 4 pages (excluding title page—abstract not required).

f. Paper must be typed black ink and turned in as a hard copy, stapled in upper left-hand

corner (save your work—e-mailed copies will not be accepted).

Guideline Instructions

a. Page 1 (content): address the following:


the role of “nature & nurture” in human



The importance of parental influences in early childhood development.

b. Pages 2 & 3 (content): address 2 distinct area of psychology 104: one from adolescence

& one from adulthood

c. Page 4 (content): An overview of the entire experience in psychology 104

Writing & Recommendations


Clear and precise introduction and conclusion for each section.

b. Use correct paragraph structure in a logically organized way.

c. Check grammar, spelling, and usage.

d. Use spell check—check for correct work usage (i.e. “there” and “their”).

e. Report must be written in a professional manner.

f. Read your report aloud—have someone read the report back to you (Yikes!).

g. Is it comprehensible?

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