reflection 2 1

Feedback on the Class and the Team Process

Part 1 (Complete and submit prior to assigned class [June 21] and bring results to class.)

Consider the student learning outcomes, the goals of team-based learning, and information on team development and personality types to provide in-depth paragraph responses to each of the following questions.

1.What could the instructor do to help improve the class?

  1. List several ways in which members have helped your group to be successful and identify the member(s) who are particularly good at each one so that you can share your perceptions with the group. (Remember to apply the elements of quality feedback.)
  2. What could members of your group do that would help most to improve your group’s performance? (Remember to apply the elements of quality feedback.)
  3. Extra Credit. Read a credible article on working in groups/teams. Provide a citation for the article (author, date, title, retrieval information) and share your CRAAP test results. In at least one well-written paragraph, identify three insights (with in-text citations) that you find applicable to this team project and discuss their applicability. (Up to 20 points.)
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