reflection 1 personality types and team projects

  1. When learning that this class essentially consisted of a team project what was your initial reaction? How is this reaction based on previous experiences with team projects? (Your response should be a well-constructed paragraph.) (11 points)
  2. Review the explanation associated with your personality type by visiting and clicking on your type in the table “The 16 personality types.” You may also use other sources. State your personality type and use examples to describe three elements of your personality type that you think accurately describe you? (Your response should be at-least one well-constructed paragraph. Cite sources.) (11 points)
  3. Based on the recommendations/suggestions found on the Humanmetrics site, or others, for learning, communicating, and/or working in teams, what are three strategies that you might try to help your team’s performance. List at list three specific strategies based on your personality type? (Your response should be at-least one well-constructed paragraph.) (11 points)
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