realistic impacts on young readers

The Hunger Games presents an interesting moment in the history and evolution of young adult literature. Prior to its publication, some of the major young adult series included Harry Potter and Twilight, both of which featured magical or supernatural elements. Although The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian future, much of the actual violence is realistic in that it could be replicated by readers or viewers (shooting with arrows, cutting with knives, etc.).

With this distinction in mind, write a 500-600 word paper examining how the shift from books within the fantasy genre to gritty and realistic impacts the reactions that younger readers will have to the readings. To help clarify and deepen your understanding, you must include two outside sources discussing either The Hunger Games specifically or trends in contemporary young adult literature that include The Hunger Games.

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you should focus on the impact that the text has had on the young adult genre in general, including an evaluation of our understanding of what is deemed “appropriate” for children.

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