reading the article and the film and write a essay

Follow the Learning Outcomes and the Viewing Guide requirement, talking about Viewing Guide question.

watch: Departures (2008, Japan), Yôjirô Takita.

Reading: “Transcending death in Departures (Okuribito): A case study of film, literature and Buddhism in modern Japan,” Michihiro Ama

1) Length of homework.

I would say that each question must be answered in a complete way. You need to explain concepts usually taken from the readings. Each answer needs its own room to really explain and develop the idea that is being asked.You are not going to answer one question in 5 lines. If you need to write a whole page, just go ahead and do it. Same can be said about the second questions, which is totally focused on the reading.It is very important to attentively read the questions. Usually, they contain several ideas, components, or elements. You need to address each one. All this work will allow you to have material already written for your essays. Complete, well argued, and well written homework helps a lot for the essays.

2) You don’t have to answer the whole viewing guide. Not at all. There are 2 specific questions per film that must be answered and submitted.

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