quot the blue bowl quot

Question and poem below. Any questions or concerns regarding assignment please ask.

What do you think the cat’s bowl symbolizes?

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Look for specific word choices/lines in the poem to help you support your answer.

The Blue Bowl


Like primitives we buried the cat

with his bowl. Bare-handed

we scraped sand and gravel

back into the hole. It fell with a hiss

and thud on his side,

on his long red fur, the white feathers

that grew between his toes, and his

long, not to say aquiline, nose.

We stood and brushed each other off.

There are sorrows much keener than these.

Silent the rest of the day, we worked,

ate, stared, and slept. It stormed

all night; now it clears, and a robin

burbles from a dripping bush

like the neighbor who means well

but always says the wrong thing.

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