psychology of adolescence 100 words

This exercise includes three components. Write a short paragraph 5-8 sentences (about 100 words) to summarize and discuss the following:

  1. Name two topics presented in this course that caught your attention. (2 points)
  2. Explain in 1-2 sentences why this theme caught your attention. (2 points)
  3. Select one topic (from the topics listed above that caught your attention) to briefly discuss how knowledge on this topic would contribute to healthy adolescent development. In your comments, include one example that illustrates how social institutions (e.g., Health Services like hospitals, practicing physicians, nurses, etc; Legal like family court, juvenile, court, child/adolescent protection services and agencies; Educational like schools; Mental Health Services like psycho-educational programs – clinical prevention/interventions) could use this knowledge to promote adolescents’ psychosocial well-being. ( 8 points).

Please, do show your expertise on adolescent development. That is, be sure to draw on empirical (evidence-based) knowledge described in the textbook, lectures and class discussions to formulate your comments. It is not necessary for you to use outside sources to complete this task. Only use what you have learned in class!

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Be sure to write your paragraph consistent with English grammatical rules and free of spelling errors.

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