project management 133

FRead the bellow scenario and answer the following Questions:

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of ABC Group has requested you, the Systems Manager, to prepare a project proposal for this project. This project is includes implementing systems in the new stores and ensure that all the stores are interconnected with each other and with the head office. The new Hypermarkets will run similar systems which are already in place in the Muscat branch. The head office of XYZ Group needs to receive monthly Sales and inventory related reports from the all the stores. The systems team should be able to monitor the systems from the head office so that they do not need to travel physically to troubleshoot systems except for critical problems.

– Problem Definition

– As a Project Manager analyze the factors that are needed to maintain High Quality Management throughout project development.

– Conduct a feasibility study to access whether this project can be taken up or not.

– Scope of the project and the stakeholders involved

– Requirements Specifications in terms of setting up a new hypermarket systems and interconnectivity (network) between them and these must include the following:

Functional Requirements

Resource Requirements &

Quality Requirements

– Compare two Project methodologies and identify the best methodology for this project. Provide scheduling plan – Work Breakdown structure-task list for this project (show predecessors and duration of activities include Gantt chart & Network Analysis Diagram- using MS Project)

– Risk Identification and Mitigation plan (minimum six with three technical risks). You can use any of the following techniques to identify the Risks

SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

Scenario planning



CBR (Case-based reasoning)

– Costing Plan/Estimation plan (should include all types of overheads)

– Resource Plan (include manpower requirements)

– Training Plan (this will ensure that new and old staff are able use the new system)

– Recognize the influence of the selected project on the society/organization. Your discussion can focus on the following questions: What benefits project can bring to society/organization? Does the project promote ethical standards?

– Acceptance plan

Important Notes:

The total word count is 5000 Words.

In-text Citation and References Must by by Using CU Harvard Style.

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