producing an academic freedom workshop

It is a common occurrence for academic leaders to present to audiences. From the viewpoint of an academic administrator in higher education, develop a professional powerpoint presentation. To complete this assignment, discuss those issues that would be relevant and applied in a familiar institution (one to which you work, or are acquainted with). Your main topic should include academic and/or intellectual freedom. If helpful, you may use the following questions to shape your perspective.

  • What is the difference between academic and intellectual freedom?
  • How do these concepts apply to the classroom?
  • How do they apply to courses or instructional materials to be offered at distance?
  • What are the limits to the instructor’s prerogatives in teaching?
  • How do these concepts apply to research and its products?
  • What rights do institutions have regarding products developed with institutional funding?
  • What rights do institutions have to control the work of faculty serving as experts while employed by the university?

You may use YouTube, Screencast, or many other free Internet sources to provide a link for your professor to view. If you are concerned with privacy, each presentation source contains options to limit viewing. Check within the options of your chosen source.

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Length: 8 to 10-minute video presentation

References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources at the end of your presentation

* I do not care to video myself- but I figured out how to do a voice over. I read the notes on the slides slides 🙂

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