post on the discussion board an example of one of these techniques that has been used

Length: Initial posts should be responsive to the question asked, thoughtful, well-written, researched, cited where appropriate, and between 400-600 words in length.

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In Chapter Two of Experiencing Politics, John McDonough talks about storytelling and the formation of policy. Specifically, he refers to the use of metaphor, numbers and synecdoche and how they are utilized.

Post on the discussion board an example of one of these techniques that has been used or is being used to promote or criticize a policy at the state level. How effective was the technique in convincing people? Comment on the post of at least one of your colleagues.

Note: For this discussion and others in this course, feel free to relate experiences from your own career or political background. The goal here is to relate the content of these discussions to real-world examples and learn from those examples posed by your colleagues. If you need help finding a topic, the NCSL website maintains several blogs and compilations from state legislatures throughout the nation.

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