please read the instructions very clear due is in 38 hours

NOTE: This assignment is optional and will not affect your grade if you choose not to complete it. Additionally, late work will not be accepted for this assignment so please keep this in mind.

Directions: View one of the movies listed below and submit a 2-page double-spaced reflection (use the reflection paper rubric as a guide, no citations are necessary) in attempt to earn extra credit points. Please demonstrate critical thinking (i.e. use your social oppression matrix) about the film as opposed to providing a summary of the movie (I do not want a synopsis/summary of the film, but I should know that you watched the entire film). Points will not be awarded if it is clear you did not watch the movie or are not critically applying the content of the movie to course content. The paper will be worth 10 extra credit points and should be submitted on Canvas by Friday, December 15, 2017 before 11:59 p.m. Extra credit will only be granted for viewing one movie and submitting one reflection. If you have already seen one of these films, I want you to view one you have not yet seen.

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Video Choices

oLifting the Veil


oWhen the Levees Broke


  • Council on Foreign Relations – The Power Behind Big News
    • Met paper requirements/presentation of paper (pages, spelling, grammar, flow of ideas, depth of ideas, references, etc.)


o13th (on Netflix)

oMoney Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety


Paper will be graded based on critical analysis and format given the following criteria:

Critical Analysis (8 points)

oConnecting specific examples from the documentaries to the social oppression matrix (Cube) (3 points)

§What unconscious/conscious behaviors and attitudes are represented by the selected examples?

§How might these behaviors/attitudes affect individual interactions, institutional practices, and/or social norms?

oConveying complete understanding of video content (2 points)

§Student communicates overarching themes in the video through carefully selected examples to unpack

oIdentifying implications for your experiences or the experiences of impacted identity groups (3 points)

§How might the oppression identified in the video affect you or others according to race, gender, class, ability status, religion, etc.?

§Feel free to discuss examples from your personal communities (Mizzou and/or hometown, if applicable)

Format (2 points)

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