please anser the following questions biefly

1. Imagine you have a student with autism in your class. He is struggling with working in a group, getting along with other students, and interacting at age-appropriate levels within the group. You regularly use group work for assignments, often daily. You find that your student with autism has meltdowns during each and every group work session. Sometimes he even has these meltdowns before you put students in groups, as he anticipates the overstimulation before it even occurs. Other students have expressed concerns and have asked to not work with him and not be in his group. When meltdowns occur, they affect the entire classroom for several minutes. The outbursts range from mild to moderate, from tantrums to crying or shutting down. Identify and describe two recommended strategies that you would use to de-escalate the situation. Rationalize your choices..

2. Co-teaching is often an option for inclusion classrooms. How important is it to agree with and get along with your co-teacher, personally? What might you do to resolve conflicts should they arise?

3. How are the roles of special and regular educators different with regard to the special education referral process?

4. “Collaboration is the key to the success of special education.” What does this quote mean?

5. Consider some ideas on “educational prenuptials” to consider before co-teaching. Identify and describe three more items to add to the list. Rationalize your choices.

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