pick a research paper topic wmds

SEE ATTACHMENT of Scenarios and study Guide attached also

The purpose of this assignment is to help you decide which scenario you want to address and to help you prepare for your Unit VII Research Paper. Choose one of the three scenarios (see scenario list below) for your research, which must relate to how terrorism, genetic engineering, genocide operations, biological warfare, or cyberterrorism may affect our efforts to mitigate future attacks globally or internationally, as well as the moral and ethical implications of the use of such WMD in a terrorist attack of this magnitude. Additionally, the paper must address the capabilities and design of future attacks and the strategies we must develop to prevent or diminish the impact of such attacks. You are encouraged to truly think outside of the box to predict potential terrorist strategies that are new in nature, rather than just repeating previous efforts from terrorist organizations. From the retrospect of intelligence officers with the Central Region Command in Afghanistan, you can be assured that, in addition to infrastructure attacks, terrorist organizations focus their attacks against educational and religious systems that they deem evil from their perspective.

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