photo essay 3

attached is proposal too

read attached files please

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Formatting: Your artist’s statement should be double-spaced with citations in MLA or Chicago, and it should include a works cited. Your final project should be submitted in PDF format with the pictures coming first, followed by your 2-3 page artist’s statement. You can create your entire project in a Word or Pages document, but you will need to convert it to PDF before submission. Some wors processing programs can do this for you using an “export” function. If yours can’t do this, please Google and use a PDF conversion website.

Topic/theme: Our readings throughout the semester have exposed us to some of the many, various ways that gender circulates through society, shaping individuals’ relationships to their bodies, their families, their romantic partners, and their sense of self. Your primary goal for this project is to reflect on how your experiences as a gendered person are shaped by society and by the stories our culture tells about gender. Though you will pick a primary theme for your project, your work may naturally cut across multiple themes. This is totally okay. What you don’t want to lose sight of are 1) connections to the course readings and 2) the ironies and complexities of gender as a spectrum of ideas and experiences that defy easy categorization as singular and homogenous phenomenon. Please be sure to locate your own experiences within the broader melieu of society, identity, and experience.

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