philosophy of management reflection essay 1

This assignment is about articulating your beliefs and creating your own principles of management for making business decisions in the future. In many fields (like academia), professionals are required to write a personal philosophy. As future managers and business professionals of different kinds, we want to give you an opportunity create the first draft of your own philosophy of management. Doing so gives you a chance fulfill a number of learning objectives such as discriminating between stakeholders, applying management theories, and questioning underlying assumptions about management.

“A philosophy is defined as:

If you think this just “busy work,” check out Harvard Business Review’s suggestion that ALL new managers need such a philosophy: You’re ahead of the game!

Presenting the Assignment:

  1. Answer the following questions:
    • What do you truly believe about human beings (e.g., Theory X vs. Theory Y)? Who benefits from these ideas about human beings?
    • Who are the key stakeholders within organizations? What values are manifested through your ideas about stakeholders?
    • How responsible do you feel for influencing your employer to pay a living wage, ensure environmental sustainability, or deal ethically with consumers and other stakeholders? Why do you feel this way? What values influence your thinking?
    • How will (or could) this document influence your thinking once you begin working full time? Use examples from news stories discussed in our course or ones that you’ve found compelling to show how your decisions would be impacted by your philosophy.
  2. Assignment Length. Please limit your reflection to 3-5 double spaced pages.
  3. Assignment Format. Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced. Your assignment must either be a Word document or PDF because Canvas has problems processing other formats. It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment has posted properly. Cite all course material (or other material) using APA format for references or bibliography. More information on APA format can be found at:
  4. Assignment Clarity. This is learning log and reflection. My expectation is that you thoughtfully use course material and engage in reflective thinking about yourself and the material.
  5. Handing in the assignments. Post your learning logs to Canvas. Neither hard copies nor email copies will be accepted.
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