outline and draft 1


Compose a detailed outline of your personal philosophy paper and submit a complete outline and draft .

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Begin with a clear statement of your conception of what it is that gives human life meaning and significance. Then, list the positions you hold on each of the three issues you selected within the essay (Empiricism and Rationalism). Finally, show how these components fit together to form a coherent philosophy and reflect on the value of philosophical reasoning in practical life. The outline must include sufficient detail to indicate clearly how you plan to satisfy all of the requirements for the final paper.

Special Instructions:

  1. Employ sound logic in philosophical reasoning.
    1. Defend logically this position on the integration of personal identity in social life.
  2. Interpret human behavior in philosophical terms.
    1. Describe the variety of social roles which a single individual may occupy in practical life.
    2. Construct a clear position on the integration of personal identity in social life.
    3. Explain how this view of personal identity fits within a more general account of human nature.

Additional Instructions:

Create a 3 page essay in APA format. Use 5 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to utilize in-text citations. (Expound on the Empiricism and Rationalism paper or use it as a guideline for your new assignment).

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