organizational behaviour human management

you can choose three theoretical from the PPT .

Personal Application Assignment

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Students are required to write a short, applied paper accounting for 15% of the course grade.The assignment, approximately 7-10 pages in length (double spaced), is on a topic or topics of your choice.The objective is to discuss three OB theoretical concepts in terms of your own life and experiences.If you do not know whether the concept is or is not a theory check with me.Not all ideas presented in the text are theories.You will be expected to provide observations of your own behaviour or experiences in organizations or groups, and to analyze these observations with the help of organizational behaviour theory.The paper is designed to make you think about what you learn in this course, and to use this knowledge for understanding the world of organizations.You will have considerable latitude in choosing your topic of discussion and writing style.

Requirements and grading criteria:

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of theoretical ideas (correctly review the key concepts of the theory).

Integrate theoretical understanding with personally relevant issues or events (correctly explain where and how the theory applies to the personal event).

Produce a well-crafted document. Your paper will be reviewed for spelling, grammar, and layout (eg. use of appropriate headings and a logical plan for the presentation of your ideas). All written assignments are expected to be well organized and readable.There should be a minimum of errors in spelling and grammar. You must have an introduction, headings where appropriate, introductory topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph, and summaries as required. Such writing assists you as a writer in presenting your ideas in a coherent and persuasive manner (points will be deducted from the total for these errors).

Required components of this assignment are: describing the theory you are using, describing the event that happened to you, explaining how the theory applied to the event, and giving appropriate introductions, transitions and conclusions.

I encourage you to come and talk to me if there are any doubts or ambiguities about your ideas for this paper or whether or not the concept you have chosen to discuss is a theory.Keep in mind that the goals are the understanding of theoretical concepts and to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and real-life experience.

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