organization behavior 7


Each student should read Chapter 16 – Organizational Culture in its entirety before attempting this assignment.

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After a period of deliberation, provide an answer(s) to the following questions:


Q1 – Based on your research, what are your thoughts on spirituality as a type of organizational culture? Would you support or disapprove of workplace spirituality with your employer? Explain your answer.

Q2 – What are the six (6) components for a model of workplace spirituality? Based on your research, do you agree or disagree that some or all of these components will be positively impacted by adopting this philosophy? Why or why not?

Q3 – Lastly, even if you disagree with the concept of workplace spirituality. Can you provide at least one example of a for-profit organization where this type of culture may be successful? Explain your answer.

For all questions, you may want to research sources outside of you course textbook to help support your answers.

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