ntc 411 week 5 extra

Use the Riordan Manufacturing virtual organization to create a business continuity plan.

8. Disaster Mitigation & Recovery

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  a. Specific Type Event Mitigation (Include data recovery, System restores, Failover devices and backup servers)

  b. Critical Information Recovery Process (Critical data will be stored on servers which will be backed up daily)

9. Disaster Response & Recovery Programs (Including Restoration)

1. Joint-powers Govt. / Private Agency Contacts

2. Initiate Insurance Follow-up / Coverage

3. Vendor / Supplier / Customer Contacts

4. Restore networking systems back to a working state

  a. Server, phones, computers, LAN and WAN Communication

4. Maintain or Reestablish Web Presence

  e. Facility / Equipment Restoration Programs

10. Recovery of Voice, Data, & Other IT Systems

  a. Data vs. Tele-Communications Recovery Questions / Solutions

  b. Physical Comm-Equipment Infrastructure Recovery Questions / Solutions

  d. Unique Comm-System Recovery Questions / Solutions

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