Netflix Financials accounting homework help

Using Netflix Inc. obtain the financials for the most recent year period. Based on the company financials:

1. Prepare a Horizontal Analysis for all 3 financial statements.

2. Prepare a Vertical Analysis for the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

3. Prepare a Ratio Analysis for each of the following:

a. Current Ratio

b. Acid – test ratio

c. Receivable turnover

d. Profit Margin

e. Inventory Turnover

f. Asset turnover

g. Return on Assets

h. Return on Common Stockholders Equity

i. EPS

j. Debt to Total Assets ratio

k. Times Interest Earned


1. Do all your calculations within Excel [not your hand held calculator]. I should be able to see your formula once I click on a calculated number.

2. Include all the financial statements (balance sheet, income statements, cashflows, changes in owners equity) you have used. This will enable me to recalculate your numbers if need be.

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