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he Reality of Slavery ” Please respond to the following:

Please respond to the following in a minimum 200 word post. Be sure to comment (minimum of 150 words) on a classmate’s post

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Go to Section 3 of this week’s Webtext titled, “Lives of Slaves” and review the videos shown in the section. Next, briefly summarize the day-to-day activities of a typical slave’s daily life. Using resources from this section and the supplemental resource featured this week, determine three (3) differences in experiences between slaves then suggest two (2) reasons why the experiences may have differed. Provide specific evicence from the course materials to support your analysis.

RE: Week 7 Discussion

Enslavement is the worst action bestowed on a person and/or group of people mankind has ever committed. Slavery has unfortunately existed throughout human history and even though this class is covering slavery during the 16th century until the late 19th century, slavery occurred before then being present in prior empires, and sadly slavery still exists in the modern day throughout the world, and in the US still with human trafficking.

A typical slave in the early Americas, if they were lucky enough to survive the trip across the Atlantic as many died, consisted of working from sun up to sun down. Slaves experienced a variety of different lives, none of them suitable for human life. Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, and the South was the destinations slaves were sent to. In Brazil and the Caribbean, slaves worked primary in plantation fields raising sugarcane. This labor was extensively brutal labor around the clock, many slaves died as a result of violent deaths by their masters, malnutrition, and disease due to poor living conditions. Slaves in the American South experienced a variety of ways of life. Tobacco, wheat, and cotton were the main crops raised with cotton being the overwhelming cash crop. Slaves in the upper south, where tobacco, rice, corn, and wheat were primarily raised, experienced a slave life, yes, but one with “free” time at the end of the days as they typically worked on smaller farms. Working in upper south being granted more personal time meant slaves were more likely to get educated, get religious worship time, have family time as some were allowed to marry. Slaves in the deep south worked in the large cotton fields having to work much longer and more in the grueling heat.

Experiences of slaves may have differed for many reasons. Some slave owners sought more value in slaves than other slave owners. As some slaves in the south were allowed to marry, as some of their masters saw value in this, they figured if slaves married and had families to care about, the less likely they will run away. Other slave masters without warning or reason would beat their slaves, rape the women, and punish them for no reason to keep fear in them from running away. In rare cases slaves in the upper south were granted freedom by their masters when some farmers switched from tobacco to raising wheat. These smaller farms in the upper south required less labor so slaves either eventually became free or were sold by their masters on the auction block again to the deep south. When slaves were sold again many families were broken up, many of these decisions happened based on the slave masters financial condition. If he was financially okay slaves could be set free, if he was financially not slaves were sold again so he could earn money.

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