need a 4 page essay for my critical thinking class and tutor must be familiar with book new jim crow

Michelle Alexander argues that the vast majority of Americans do not openly or explicitly condone racism or race-based law enforcement practices. And yet, we have a system that has incarcerated people largely because of race. How does this happen?

For this essay, you should explore the reasons for this disconnection between what we say we believe and what we actually do. If we are indeed living in an era of colorblindness, why is there such a disparity in how we incarcerate people? The reasons are both legal and societal. You should discuss elements of both. Alexander cites lots of Supreme Court cases to support her claim. In your essay, you should cite at least two cases that have created this problem at a systemic level. How have we prosecuted this War on Drugs in such a way that allows people to believe that it’s race-neutral when it’s really not?

Your essay should discuss the following:

What laws—upheld by the Supreme Court—have allowed mostly people of color to be swept into the correctional system (cite at least two cases)?

What prevents them from reintegrating into society once released, thus branding them “criminals for life.”

How is the system designed to allow Americans to believe it’s fair?

I need a 4 page essay for my critical thinking final which i have to submit online in turnitin.

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