Movie critique essay Create your own scale to rate the movie

  •  I need it done by tomorrow 3pm arizona time. Would have to be a movie we have both seen.

  • Imagine you are a movie critic writing for your own popular movie blog. Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word review of one movie of your own selection in which you analyze the movie in terms of its genre and the elements of film. As a part of your role as a movie critic create your own scale to rate the movie. For example, a scale of 1 through 5 stars is typical of many movie critic writers. Address and answer the following in your movie review: o

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  •  Identify the film’s genre and whether or not it was typical or atypical for its genre. Include a discussion of the film’s story in your discussion of the film’s genre. o

  •  Do you feel the editing was appropriate? Why?

  •  Was the sound use effective or ineffective? Why?

  •  What feelings, if any, did the score elicit?

  •  Describe the film’s cinematography and how it did or did not support the mood and tone of the movie

  •  How was the social context in which the film was made present in the film?

  •  What was the meaning of the film?

  •  What personal influences or biases do you have that affected your opinion?

  •  Was this film enjoyable? Why or why not? o

  • Would you recommend the movie, and how do you rate it on your scale?

  •  Create a 5 to 7-slide multimedia (Prezi, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, podcast etc.) to accompany your paper which will be an oral 7 minute presentation in class. Format your critique consistent with APA guidelines Format your critique consistent with APA guidelines.

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