moneyball responses

Read the book Moneyball or watch the movie Moneyball and answer the following questions in a 2.0 page double spaced report.

  1. How did Billy Bean, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics use Statistics to redefine how players are evaluated and how teams are managed in Major League Baseball?
  1. Financial Impact: How did his use of statistics and his “Moneyball” Philosophy impact the organization financially? Discuss salaries of teams such as the Oakland Athletics vs. the New York Yankees. Research today’s 2018 salaries – are the Oakland Athletics still using the Moneyball strategy? (Discuss and provide evidence).
  1. Why do you think it has taken this long for statistics to be properly used to evaluate and manage major league baseball players?
  1. How did this activity help you apply the course materials?
  1. What value did you receive during this activity?
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