module 06 written assignment creating program standards

Administrators of early learning programs use the results of observation and assessment measures to create program standards. imagine you are an administrator of the early learning program depicted in the video below.

Questions to Ask Young Children about Causes

Step 1:

While watching the video above, focus on the interactions between the educator and the child in the light blue shirt. Create or use an existing assessment measure to address the child’s development across the five domains (PILES). The measurement must include at least two (2) different types of assessment. For example, you may choose to create a developmental checklist with anecdotal notes. Complete the assessment measures based on your observations from this video of the child in the light blue shirt.

Step 2:

Research national and/or state early childhood education standards. A general internet search for terms such as “early childhood program standards” with your state’s name may provide a good place to begin your search. Be sure to cite any references you use in your submission.

Step 3:

Create three (3) program standards which identify how the assessment influences the development and planning in your early childhood education program. List 3 Program Standards for each of the following categories.

Child Development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Observation, Documentation and Assessment Practices to Support Early Learning

Building Effective and Meaningful Curriculum

Step: 4

Write a summary of how the results from your assessment measure relates to your chosen program standards. The summary should be written in complete sentences and be free from grammar and punctuation errors. Please include an APA formatted reference page to document the sources used for your research.

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