module 06 course project final submission and culmination

The local education agency has been working with Sonia. They have identified her as a child with a speech delay. They come in weekly to work with Sonia. You have seen improvement in her behaviors as she gains more words to express herself.

For the last paper on the case study, you will use all of the information you have gathered about Sonia and her family to write a 5-6 page paper that addresses the following.

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Discuss what procedures should be followed when a child comes into your program that has many hurdles to overcome.

Discuss the type of assessment you use to observe Sonia’s growth.

Describe a lesson with activities you would plan for Sonia and the rest of the children.

Explain why you chose the activities in your lesson plan.

Your paper must be APA formatted (including in-text citation and references). Including a cover page and reference page, and free of grammar and spelling errors.

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