module 04 written assignment anecdotal observation and assessment

Observe the 20 month old child, Sohum, in the following video: A Clear Purpose Supports Persistence

1. Identify one (1) piece of developmentally significant information for Sohum in each of the 5 PILES domains from your observation.

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2. In at least one (1) page. create a “Learning Story” associated with this video using the five (5) components listed below. Use full sentences and be as descriptive as possible. (As you will recall, the concept of Learning Stories was introduced in the article Learning Stories-Assessment through Play

a. Interest: How interested is Sohum in this play? How does he display taking an interest in the materials and actions?

b. Involvement: What words or actions is Sohum using to show his involvement with others (consider the observer)? What words or actions is Sohum using to show his involvement with the materials? Consider his body parts, attention, communications, etc.

Perseverance: How does Sohum persevere through challenges or difficulties? Are there points of struggles? What do you think he is attempting to do and what tells you this story?

Communication: Describe Sohum’s communications. Does he communicate needs? Achievements? Intentions?

Responsibility/Responsiveness: How could the observer/adult respond purposefully? What role or actions could the observer take to facilitate Sohum’s play or communication throughout this scenario?

3. Develop activities to encourage Sohum’s advancement in at least two (2) PILES domains.

a. For each activity, be sure to:

Provide a Title

Identify the PILES domain it focuses on.

Describe how the activity supports the identified domain. Mention specific strategies, materials, etc.which are key components of the activity.

b. Base your activities on the following:

Video observation of this child

Data from the five (5) components and associated questions you used to create the “Learning Story”

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