mn 520 unit 1 identify an issue and develop a plan

Units 1-2 Activity: Identify an Issue & Develop a Plan

You are expected to develop and implement a project that will benefit the organization and contribute to your ability to achieve the course outcomes:

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MN520-1: Create a variety of successful instructional methods to meet the needs of targeted learner populations.

MN520-2: Develop plans of study in nursing education based on appropriate curricular principles, pedagogy, and learning assessment strategies.

MN520-3: Apply clinical expertise when conducting educational experiences

In these units, you will develop a plan of study based on appropriate principles and issues within your discipline (Chapter I of your Final Report).Reporting on Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infections in Out Patient Setting especially Hemodialysis

Please include each of the bullet points in paper. Use APA formatting and nursing articles

●Objectives for the experience

●Target audience

●Project Plan

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