mn 515 unit 9 assignment

Unit 9 Assignment
For this Assignment, identify a new information system you would recommend for implementation and testing in your organization. This can be a new EHR, BCMA, CPOE, or CDSS system, or a database to aggregate patient data, etc.
Provide a rationale for its implementation, including literature support for this new system, along with the process you would recommend to test this system, using at least seven of the tests noted in Table 12.2. Provide the name of the test, what the test is used for, along with a brief explanation of how you would conduct this test. This entire testing process (the examples of how the tests would be conducted) should involve all organizational stakeholders in some way so as to help build relationships between stakeholders. Note how you would evaluate the outcome of these tests and how you would determine if the system should be recommended for continued use in the organization. Include at least 10 references.
Your final work should include:
ï‚· Title and reference pages (10 references minimum) ï‚· An introduction ï‚· New system recommendation and rationale ï‚· A literature review ï‚· Use of at least seven tests ï‚· Evaluation and recommendations ï‚· A conclusion
See the grading rubric under Course Resources for details on how this Assignment will be evaluated.
Assignment Requirements
The finished Assignment should be approximately seven (7) pages, excluding the title and reference pages. The viewpoint and purpose of this Assignment should be clearly established and sustained.

Examples of test from table 12.2

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•Compatibility – Performance with different hardware, networks, and operating systems

•Alpha – First customer use

•Usability – Ease of use as defined by end-user

•Load – High volume, determine point where response time degrades

•Security – Protection against unauthorized use and/or data loss

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