mla research paper

Turtle in the middle

My research paper is about plastic surgery in Korea !

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I want one page outline starting from thesis statements . It’s is spreat from the 1800 words in the research paper

Argument structure

Transition between paragraphs

Include works cited for every idea you put into the research paper af the the end in the work cited page . Only 8 sources are allowed to use .

Every person that u are going to include have to be introduced. For example like an author just mentione his full name ,career and why I mentioned them .

Do not put note page only work cited .

Comment after every quote and after summary .

No quote block

60% of my voice in the summary

Also in the introduction including my voice is important.

Include my ideas into the paragraphs

No name website in the paper

No URLS piplygrapic citions

Body paragraphs ) Topic sentence , opposition, refluational concession , Evedence , commentary .

Conclusion) restated thesis , red bow

I’ve given you a work cited if you want to use them .

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