Mitigate Future Risks business and finance homework help

Week 6 Assignment: Mitigate Future Risks

Activity Description

You will build on the knowledge and insight from the prior weeks to build –out the project risk spreadsheet (week 4). The project manager will be adding additional information to the prior assignment spreadsheet. The risk template will have a fifth column added titled “Mitigation” to the risk template spreadsheet for each risk. The template will have a sixth column that will identify each risk and its appropriate level of priority (high, medium, low for example or whatever priority scales the student wants to apply).

The assumptions and issues identified in last week will be a good foundation for your explanation of the mitigation strategy for each risk to be employed for the kitchen remodeling project. The results of the risk template from this assignment will be the cornerstone of the risk management plan to be accomplished for next week, so be thorough and complete in your explanation of the mitigation strategy.
Length: 2-4 page summary and Spreadsheet with 20-30 risks identified (25-50 words per identified risk) to explain the risks, likelihood, assumptions, effected task(s), and mitigation strategy. The risk template should have 5 columns of information per risk identified.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages, APA formatting, 5-7 scholarly references within the last five (5) years.

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