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Mission, Vision, and Taser Company

Even the most successful businesses have trouble executing a clear strategy. A company can develop the best plan but without execution can never be able to achieve the task at hand. Strategic implementation becomes accomplished through a culture that genuinely understands what direction the company’s strategy is heading (David, F., & David, F., 2017). Companies must place personal goals aside and focus on a higher purpose. For example, Taser International started much like many other businesses in a residential garage. With two brothers, a taser inventor and the drive to make the world’s unrest with crime a safer place, their assignment continued into a recent corporate achievement now known as Axon (Axon, 2018). Analyst acknowledges that strategic planning enough more than deciding what not to pursue while deciding on the bigger picture of what to do. The most protent strategic weapon remains in the building of a company’s culture, fixed on smart communication and accountability when making positive organizational decision changes.

Axon’s Mission and Vision Statements

The Axon Website connects with numerous individuals through devices and applications with placing the protection of human life, and public safety becomes their highest priority. According to Axon (2017), “From our TASER smart weapons, to police body cameras, to our industry-leading cloud-based evidence management software, we are the world’s premier public safety company and are committed to delivering safe, secure solutions for law enforcement, militaries, and citizens alike,” (Company). Axon’s mission committed to world safety. Reuters the business and financial news respond to Axon taser conducted electrical weapons as a non-risk-free product, rather proven safer than batons, physical takedowns, the use of human fists, tackles, and impact armaments (Axon, 2017). In addition to one of the world’s most less-lethal defense arsenal studied having over 700 reports, summaries, letters, and reviews, with more than 3.5 million taser deployments over a 24-year period (Axon, 2017). The company’s management conversed safest moderate use of force, committed to technology and product training that undergo energetic research testing both in-house and by third-party monitoring before release. All products, such as cameras and tasers supported by real-time sales, press news, and contact information. Although tasers viewed not without hazard considered a safer choice. According to Axon (2017), “A 2009 Wake Forest University study concluded that 99.75% of 1,201 field uses of TASER weapons in a wide range of drug and alcohol influences, ages, and race resulted in no significant injuries, demonstrating that the TASER device is the safest intermediate use-of-force option for police,” (Reuters Response). Axon future vision goes beyond cameras and tasers by every day making bullet engagement obsolete, and to free up time spent on law enforcement data reports. The company’s portfolio changed to encompass a broader range of technology, which includes devises and software application ecosystem connect. The connect benefits allow officers extra time to interact with public by less time spent on reporting. The Axon brand suite of smart weapons now reflects the evolution of our company from a weapons manufacturer to a full solutions provider of cloud and mobile software, connected devices, wearable cameras, and now artificial intelligence while focusing on solving public arrest (Axon, 2017). Axon believes by creating and rethinking a workable Records Management System already announced at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, we can eliminate the massive amount of time officers spend doing paperwork today and effectively triple the amount of time officers spend on the streets (Axon, 2017).


The most powerful strategic weapon remains in the building of a company’s culture, fixed on smart communication and accountability when making positive organizational decision changes for three main reasons. First, without a mission and vision direction, companies become unable to develop an effective strategic plan that strengthens communication culture for results. Levine (2017), “When organizations lack common language and understand and there is a poor rhythm of communication and messaging through the organization, it becomes impossible create momentum, engagement and focus,” (para. 5). Second be fixated, never sell anything that’s not wanted or needed. Create products and services that add value and solve real problems. Aim far and think long-term. Reinvent to make life a better place by learning from mistakes. Win right and with integrity, never compromise integrity when challenged by a competitor. Never be fearful to act, take action when needed as one team committed to a shared vision. Empower other team members to step-up and take accountability. Finally, commit and take action by assuming positive intent and respect with creative resourcefulness. Be the biggest company can be by giving each other critical feedback in smart ways. Believe energetic thinking with determination wins over unlimited resources (Axon, 2017).

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