mgt 445 week 4 written exercise for training plan

MGT-445 Corporate Training & Development

Week 4 – Written Exercise for Training Plan

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Assignment Detail:

Create a paper of approximately 750 words that addresses the following:

Identify the most appropriate and effective presentation method (e.g., lecture, on-the-job training [OJT], simulation, etc.) for delivering the training or learning intervention based on the needs assessment conducted in week 2 (attached), and detail why you believe this method or methods is the best choice for your plan.

Outline and Create specific instructional goals and objectives to incorporate in the training or learning intervention.

What is it that the training plan should achieve and why are those goals important.

Detail the highlights of the content and agenda of your training or learning intervention.

Describe the training materials that will help you to deliver that training plan.Expand on their content, format, and how they will work with the delivery system(s) you identified (e.g., training materials, job aids, handouts, etc.).

Include a minimum of one scholarly source

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