mgmt19128 term 1 2018

Assessment Task: Assessment 2 is about formulating future strategic plan (maximum 2000 words) for a company. You will have to choose one company from the five options listed for this assessment (see below).

1. Tigerair Australia

2. Billabong

3. Dymocks

4. Beyond Blue

5. Company that you work for (this option needs unit coordinator’s approval)

For students enrolled in the local campuses: This assessment will be a team effort. Your campus lecturer/tutor will help organise you in a team of 3 members by Week 3. The objectives of the team-based assessment are to enable you to develop your communication and interpersonal skills, achieve cross-cultural understanding, strengthen your critical and rational thinking abilities and learning and enjoy different perspectives on the same topic. You are to select a team leader for your group. Your group is required to prepare PowerPoint slides (maximum 12 slides including the introduction slide) with voiceover (5 minute maximum) in addition to the written report. Only the team leader from each group is required to submit both the report and presentation in Moodle.

So this is the group assignment , so can you just plz focus on requirement 7,8,9


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