memo to president of company on market gap audit on chipotle mexican grill 1

Overview. You are to assume the role of a marketing consultant. Write a memo to the president of the organization you chose for your market audit outlining your assessment of the organization in marketing terms and provide a set of recommendations to improvement.

Detail. For this exercise, please go back to the market audit that you did at the beginning of the course and review what you wrote. Consider the organization in light of what you have learned in this course and develop some recommendations for change.

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In your memo to the president, please provide first, your overall assessment of how much difference exists between what customers expect (or what you believe they should expect) and what they receive.

Then using the provider gaps discussed in the textbook, advise the president on which of these gaps should have the highest priority in improving service with your explanation for your judgment.

In the last section of your memo, provide some specific recommendations that the president might act upon to improve services.

Format Options:

Organize the recommendations into the four gaps following the order of the textbook (P44-45). You will then insert the 10 Gap areas from assignment 1 into where they might work best in the Gap Model.

Submission. The report will be a minimum of 15 pages (not including bib)

Grading Criteria. 100 points possible Criteria used to assess the memo will be as follows:

  • Illustration of your understanding and ability to apply the concepts in the textbook
  • Professional manner in outlining the problems and suggested solution(s)
  • Good organization of report starting with the big picture and including most important elements first
  • Specific recommendations that show diagnostic ability and reasonable (even creative) solutions to problems.


A Business Gap Analysis (somewhat different from the market gap analysis) examines key areas in operations that determine how well the enterprise is capable of executing its business/marketing plan. This analysis is based on the Market Gap Analysis. Examined are these building blocks of operational excellence:

1. Goals, Success Factors, and Challenges: what is truly important to the business?

2. Alignment: how well are people connected to the company’s vision, mission, and goals?

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