market entry plane

Question 1

This question builds on and completes your Market Entry Plan that you commenced during the semester. Please include a brief revised summary of Parts A and B of your Market Entry Plan assignment submissions, based on the assignment feedback you received. This should be included as an appendix and will be excluded from your exam word count.

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Finalise your Market Entry Plan by addressing the following questions. Academic references are required to be incorporated into this response, to inform and support your recommendations and arguments.

a How would your recommendation of the country and market entry option impact your firm in terms of its organisational structure, functions and processes, products and services, competencies and resources, and how should senior management address these?

[15 Marks]

b What finance, pricing and payment options would you recommend for your firm? And why?

[5 Marks]

c Reflect on the Market Entry Plan research and preparation you have completed for your assignment submissions and Parts a and b above. How has this process specifically assisted you to develop an applied understanding of the strategic management of a global business?

[5 Marks]

Question 2

Gazamia is a small country in the southern hemisphere facing great challenges in developing its economy. The country was once a leader in diamond mining and exporting. However, after 30 years of continuous mining, the diamond mines have been depleted and the nation’s economy has plummeted to the lowest level in 40 years. With too much reliance on diamond mining in the last 30 years, Gazamia has largely neglected the development of other industries including agriculture, manufacturing and services, although infrastructure and education of all levels have been well developed and invested in. The leaders of Gazamia devised a plan to reinvigorate its once-prosperous nation including providing a wide range of incentives to attract foreign investment.

Using the Gazamia scenario and any assumptions that are deemed necessary and appropriate, discuss the opportunities for an Australian company to expand its business to Gazamia as a part of its internationalisation strategy and the possible risks involved in such an endeavour.

[15 Marks]

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